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Fred is a Qualified Mediator as designated by the Alternative Dispute Resolution Institute of Ontario (ADR).  He possesses more than 30 years of experience in Management, Banking, Financial Markets, Research Projects, Training, Problem Solving and Negotiation.  Fred has a great passion for helping clients achieve their goals and materialize their dreams.

Fred  (Feraydon) Dehbonehie  was born in Iran and in 1976 he moved to the United States residing in Georgia, New Mexico and Texas.  He obtained his  M.B.A. majoring in International Finance in 1979.  In 1991 , Fred moved  to Toronto and has called the city and its various communities home ever since. Fred Dehbonehie is the founder and lead Mediator of Dehbon Mediation Services.

He has received Certificates of Completion in the disciplines of ADR, Mediation Beyond The Basics, Advanced Mediation, Family Circle Mediation, Civil Procedure for Contract and Employment Claims, Civil Procedures for Tort and Insurance claims and has participated in all related Seminars and Workshops. He is also a full member of the ADR Institute of Ontario. Fred has his MBA in addition to many financial designations such as CSC, CPH, DFC, OLC, LLQP, and BMC.

​Previously, Fred  has worked with Sun Life of Canada, TD Waterhouse, National Bank of Canada and as a researcher at York University.

​Fred has taught financial and licensing courses in a college setting to both new entrepreneurs and management level pupils, with a focus on problem solving through equitable solutions.  His frequent collaboration with Law firms in Toronto have centred around integration and business planning for foreign investors and new investor class immigrants.  His students, with the benefit of his experience and knowledge, have gone on to successful careers at top levels in banking, business management and financial planning.

​His extensive relevant work experience and analytical mindset make him an ideal mediator and arbitrator for a variety of dispute types.  Fred is fully fluent in English and Farsi  and qualified to work as a mediator in both languages.